October 23, 2018
LOW RISK, HIGH VALUE At Five Dredge and Marine our approach to marine construction ensures an efficient project from start to finish. We are financially stable and possess a high bonding capacity. Vertical integration allows us to provide our clients with the best possible value. CLIENT-BASED SERVICES As Five Dredge and Marine continues to grow...
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How to Install Pilings in the Water for a Pier. Beginning:  Five Dredge and Marine can help you choose the best pilings within your budget. Pressure treated wood is the most cost effective to use as posts for your dock. Most professional dock builders believe that round posts are much easier to install and last...
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How to  find a Contractor that Is Trustworthy Five Dredge and Marine: Finding a trustworthy contractor can be an exhausting task on your seawall project. Here are a few suggestions to help. Once you’ve found a few prospective companies, start your research with an introductory call each, asking a series of preliminary questions about work...
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Solve tilting and failing seawall problems Whether your seawall is large or small, short or long, tieback repairs offer a fast, affordable alternative to seawall demolition and reconstruction. Advantages of tieback anchors No demolition required. No pile driving or heavy machinery. Many residential seawall repairs can be completed in a single day. Less expensive than...
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About Us

Five Dredge & Marine is a full service state certified general contractor that specializes in Project Management of Dredging, Marine Construction and Waterfront General Contracting. Five originated from the roman numeral V which represents the insignia of the old MK-V diving helmet worn by navy divers.

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