February 25, 2019
Stop Erosion Through Your Seawall with Polyurethane When it comes to seawalls, there is a lot more to learn than meets the eye. A seawall is like a living, breathing thing: especially in the way that it is designed to function. But like all living breathing things, they have a finite lifespan. For many of...
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The Problem As we noted in an earlier post, Leaking Seawalls: Soil Loss Prevention & Remediation, the underlying cause of seawall deterioration is as follows: As tidal flows rise and fall, water pushes its way in through cracks, joints, and defects in seawalls. The water pushes in on incoming tides and flows out on outgoing tides....
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Five Dredge & Marine is a full service state certified general contractor that specializes in Project Management of Dredging, Marine Construction and Waterfront General Contracting. Five originated from the roman numeral V which represents the insignia of the old MK-V diving helmet worn by navy divers.

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