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Soil injection Seawall Repair ?

What is soil injection seawall repair?

Five Dredge and Marine uses non-toxic Polyurethane  that is injected into the ground behind your seawall. (AP Fill 700) inhibit a soil’s ability to absorb water so that your soils do not swell up, referred to as soil stabilization.


How does Five Dredge and Marine implement it ?

In most cases for existing seawalls, Polyurethane injection is done behind the seawall.  The Polyurethane injection reaches depths ranging from 6 to 15 feet.

Advanced provides solution injections in Dallas at relatively low pressures, typically on two separate days.  Our Rigs pump AP Fill 700 to a manually operated injection wand. Injections are done behind the seawall but may be done from the front by drilled though the panels every 3-5 feet.

When to use soil injection in Palm Beach and Broward County ?

Polyurethane injections are an appropriate remedy to use when seawalls are damaged and leaking soil from the T-Piles and footer.  Use Polyurethane injection can be used with cracks,leaks and voids when there are cracks of less than .05 inches. Sometimes called the soil stabilization process the aim is to stop the leak , leaving the seawall as is so owners can avoid more costly repairs or a new seawall.

 Is it toxic?

The materials Alchemy Polyurethane uses for soil injection in South Florida are NOT toxic?  They are actually Eco- Friendly and comply with NSF/ANSI 61: Drinking Water System Components.

How do I fix my leaking or damaged seawall


Fixing a damaged seawall is easy: email [email protected]



Seawall maintenance can prevent some types of leaks through the installation of proper Weeholes.