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Batter Piles transfer incline load.

Batter Piles transfer incline load

Batter pile shall be used to transfer inclined load and horizontal forces. In the preliminary design, the load on batter pile is generally considered to be axial.

The distribution of load between batter and vertical piles in a group may be determined graphically or by analytic methods. Due consideration shall be given to secondary bending as well as pile cap movement, particularly when the cap is rigid.

Batter pile in loose fill or consolidating deposits may become laterally loaded due to settlement of the surrounding soil. In consolidating clay, special precautions, like provision of permanent casing, shall be taken.

Batter Piles-Five Dredge and Marine

When subjected to lateral loading, batter piles will therefore generally have a greater capacity and be subject to smaller deformations than vertical piles of the same dimensions and material. Large shear and moment loads induced at the pile head have been a source of performance problems with batter piles in some cases.


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