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Benefits of Helical Piles

Benefits of Helical Piles-

Five Dredge and Marine– Helical pile have a tons of applications across both commercial and residential projects.  Below are top 8:

  1. Fast installation – helical piles are faster to install than standard concrete foundations, with no dig out time and no setting time required.
  2. No excavations – there is no need to excavate or cart away spoil, which makes builds even faster and saves money on every project.
  3. No curing time – helical piles can be built on immediately, there is no need to wait for it to dry so building can continue as soon as the foundation is installed.
  4. Small footprint – you can use helical pile in restricted areas, such as next to buildings, without having to take extensive extra measure to keep them stable,
  5. Flexible design – your helical pile is specifically designed for your project, the available space, the soil you are building on, and the load-bearing requirements.
  6. Environmentally friendly – helical piles have less of an impact on the environment than concrete alternatives.
  7. Installations can be done all year round – unlike concrete, there is no down time in winter when it is too cold for concrete to cure properly. Helical pile foundations can be installed any time of year, in any temperature.
  8. Can be installed in any ground – if you have soft ground, rocky soil, or even clay, you can still install a helical pile foundation.

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