How Much Does a Boat Lift Cost?

After purchasing a boat, one will quickly see the value of having a boat lift on their property in order to raise the boat from the water. This is ideal when it comes to repairs or storing the boat for the colder months or when it simply is not in use. Painting the bottom of […]

Seawall Cap New

3 Questions About The Repair of Wood Seawalls

For homeowners on the waterfront, seawalls need to be taken care of to maintain optimum strength and stability. Rainstorms and passing boats can make the seawalls erode quicker. Seawalls are meant to be a barrier between a source of water and the property and should be kept up in order to prevent them from failing. […]

How to Repair a Concrete Seawall

How to Repair a Concrete Seawall Seawalls are geniuses when they are constructed adequately. They assist in minimizing the erosion of soil into the water and provide a great service in protecting your home and property. As seawalls age, start to show signs of stress and erosion. When there are changes in pressure, the seawall […]

Vinyl Seawalls

Bye-Bye, Wood. Hello, Vinyl!   Understandably, the homeowners were not interested in another wood seawall that would quickly rot and fail again. Instead, the owners decided to go with a vinyl seawall as an affordable, long-term solution. Vinyl Sheet Seawall are UV resistant, unaffected by marine boring animals, and comes with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty. […]

Vinyl or Sheet Piling ?

Vinyl or sheet piling?     Vinyl sheet piling is quickly becoming the most popular product to use for construction of bulkheads and seawalls. Materials like wood and concrete have been widely used in the past, but the use of these traditional materials is becoming virtually obsolete. With the advent of vinyl sheet piling, homeowners […]

How to Survive a Sinking Ship

How to Survive a Sinking Ship Be prepared Anyone who’s had experience as a scout will know these 2 words: “be prepared”. The meaning behind this famous saying is closely tied to another famous saying “knowing is half the battle”. Those two bits of advice could very well save your life on a sinking ship. […]

Stop Erosion Through Your Seawall.

Stop Erosion Through Your Seawall with Polyurethane When it comes to seawalls, there is a lot more to learn than meets the eye. A seawall is like a living, breathing thing: especially in the way that it is designed to function. But like all living breathing things, they have a finite lifespan. For many of […]

Seawall Stabilization

The Problem As we noted in an earlier post, Leaking Seawalls: Soil Loss Prevention & Remediation, the underlying cause of seawall deterioration is as follows: As tidal flows rise and fall, water pushes its way in through cracks, joints, and defects in seawalls. The water pushes in on incoming tides and flows out on outgoing tides. […]

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