Boat, Yacht, & PWC Lifts

Five Dredge & Marine  is proud to be a reputable Neptune Boat lift dealer and installer. Neptune is the leader in the world’s finest marine lifts and floating docks. With options including 4 and 8 post cradle lifts, elevator lifts, low profile beam less lifts, PWC lifts and custom yacht lifts the lift capabilities are endless.

Neptune’s complete line of industry-best boat lifts are built to withstand the full force of nature and the demands of everyday use. Neptune’s innovative engineering extends wear, reduces maintenance and provides glide-smooth operation in a secure platform for your boat.

7 Steps to Prolong How Long Your Boat Lift Lasts


Permit acquisition can be a complicated process that often involves a great deal of research and formalities. Five Dredge & Marine will expertly manage all required due diligence, agency correspondence, and inspections that go along with proper permitting. Our goal is to make dredging and marine construction projects smooth and efficient for our clients.

Marine permits in Florida are handled on a case by case basis by Five Dredge & Marine to make sure each customer has the proper licensing, authorization, and documentation for their specific project. Most cities and municipalities require environmental, state, army corps, county, and city permits. The process to obtain permits ranges from 2 – 12 months depending on the projects requirements.

Our permitting department has a solid working relationship with all the necessary permitting agencies. We also ensure all work is in accordance with the stringent environmental rules and regulations that govern the dredging and marine construction industry.