What Are the Different Types of Erosion? Erosion happens when a force molds soil or rock into another shape. This could either be water, wind or even insects such as termites. It can also happen as a result of human activity such as road construction and river diversion. River erosion occurs when water flows up...
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How Much Does it Cost to Lift a Concrete Slab? The price of leveling a concrete slab depends on multiple factors, so the cost will vary by job. Using polyurethane foam to level the uneven concrete is a cost-effective solution. It is roughly half the cost of replacing the whole thing! To give you a...
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The Worst Flooding Areas in Florida In times of flooding, city planners in Florida have a little problem in figuring out where the worst flooding areas are, and that is where the most expensive repairs will be done. They are not sure, but they are looking at dredging and dewatering, and another option might be...
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3 Questions About The Repair of Wood Seawalls For homeowners on the waterfront, seawalls need to be taken care of to maintain optimum strength and stability. Rainstorms and passing boats can make the seawalls erode quicker. Seawalls are meant to be a barrier between a source of water and the property and should be kept...
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