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Customer Service First – Five Dredge and Marine

Five Dredge & Marine – What is great customer service?

The first phase of any project is defining it. Therefore, the first step to delivering great customer service is defining that. Simply stated, great customer service is exceeding the client’s expectations in all areas of contact.

For the construction industry, this may be difficult to accept because of the adversarial environment within the industry. However, it offers contractors a great opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competition. .

Rewards for Great Customer Service


Five Dredge & Marine – A different south Florida contractor bid on a large seawall project and was awarded the contract. Unfortunately, the jubilation quickly faded when the contractor realized he had drastically underbid the project. In order to save job, the company  directed his people to meet with the city officials and attempt to work with them in any way possible to speed up the project so they could earn the early-completion bonus and survive. The contractor’s efforts paid off handsomely.

Not only did the contractor complete the project early and earn the bonus, he actually made a profit before the bonus. The bonus turned the project into a great financial success, but the best news was yet to come. Other cities began calling his company to have them design-build their next seawall in order to take advantage of their super competitive nature and work ethics.

At Five Dredge and Marine we know that if a customer is not happy WE are not happy! and we will go the extra length to make sure the sure the customer is 🙂



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