Piling, Docks ,& Decks Florida

With years of experience in dock design and dock construction, Five Dredge & Marine are the best dock builders in Boynton Beach that has the ability to design and build your dream dock, boat house, boardwalk, bridge, or waterfront deck with the finest quality building materials and functional layouts to maximize your properties waterfront functionality. We have the right equipment to efficiently install wood, concrete, or steel pilings in many different bottom conditions. We only use #1 pressure treated lumber for your docks framing and tropical preserve plus decking which is wax impregnated and created to last in Florida’s climate. Common decking upgrades include composite decking, Thru-flow decking or a select hardwood such as Ipe which is elegant and extremely durable. We also perform foundation and pool piling installation for your waterfront home.

Marinas & Floating Docks

We have years of experience designing, fabricating and installing custom marina & dock systems in often challenging locations. We install commercial floating dock systems, single pier style floating docks as well as provide custom gangway and access systems. We are dock builders that can install custom floating concrete docks or install a pre manufactured floating dock system. We specialize in solutions for restrictive parameters in permitting, location, terrain and limited space. We can structure phased replacement floating dock systems to meet budgetary needs and growth potential.

Seaside Demolition, Heavy Rigging , & Handling FL

Five Dredge & Marine can provide waterborne support to your seaside demolition, heavy rigging, or material handling. With the proper equipment we can make efficient work of any general construction project in supporting your demolition needs. We also find it necessary to occasionally assist in general construction were access is difficult or impossible any other way. We can help you transporting equipment, tools, materials and even large landscape to your project.


Permit acquisition can be a complicated process that often involves a great deal of research and formalities. Five Dredge & Marine will expertly manage all required due diligence, agency correspondence, and inspections that go along with proper permitting. Our goal as experienced dock builders is to make dredging and marine construction projects smooth and efficient for our clients.

Marine permits in Florida are handled on a case by case basis by Five Dredge & Marine to make sure each customer has the proper licensing, authorization, and documentation for their specific project. Most cities and municipalities require environmental, state, army corps, county, and city permits. The process to obtain permits ranges from 2 – 12 months depending on the projects requirements.

​Our permitting department has a solid working relationship with all the necessary permitting agencies. We also ensure all work is in accordance with the stringent environmental rules and regulations that govern the dredging and marine construction industry.