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Dredging Specialist Broward County

Our hydraulic dredges have a cutting head to dislodge sediment which is then immediately suctioned through the pump ladder.

This diluted sediment, or `slurry´, is then pumped through a flexible, floating pipe to a covered floating barge, or directly to an on-land dewatering site, where the sediment is allowed to settle out of the water and then the spoils can be removed or repurposed.


Often time’s sediments reclaim previously dredged channels, waterways, and channels. Our services range from restoring one personal boat slip to an entire community’s waterways back to a navigable condition.

We also perform maintenance dredging services at drainage canals, bank stabilization, weed and trash aqua harvesting. These efforts can be accomplished hydraulically or mechanically depending on site requirements and conditions.


Our long arm excavators or waterborne barge mounted excavators use a set of mechanical arms with a bucket attached at the end to dig material from the bottom surface and dump the material into a land based stockpile, container or onto a barge to be transported.


As needed, turbidity monitoring of the effects of dredging operation occurs in order to keep any re-suspension and transport under control. These monitoring efforts allow project managers to respond if re-suspended sediment levels exceed pre-established parameters by slowing down or altering the dredging.

Implementing environmental monitoring of specific marine species such as mantes and adhering to OSHEA standards of safety on every project helps to ensure your project is mishap free.


Environmental dredging is used to remove contamination from targeted areas. This technology is very precise and is designed to minimize resuspension of small sediment particles that may be contaminated with PCBs, heavy metals, or other toxic materials. This process is much more controlled than navigational dredging, using our hydraulic dredge, which functions like a large vacuum cleaner to remove contaminated sediments which is then pumped to a dewatering geotextile tube for removal.

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