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Erosion Control Specialist in Palm Beach & Broward County Florida

Erosion Control Specialist in Palm Beach & Broward County Florida- Five Dredge and Marine

Seawall repair and maintenance issues largely come from unstable soil caused by erosion. 

What is Erosion:

Erosion is a continual, natural process that wears away topsoil. It is often associated with negative outcomes, such as landslides and poor soil conditions. In Palm Beach and Broward County expansive clay soils are more permeable thus creating erosion and seawall problems. Unfortunately, soil is not immune to erosion, therefore certain factors can accelerate the process making it more problematic for homeowners. It often leads to seawall issues, such as cracks and voids on and behind. While there are many factors for soil erosion, the main causes include:

  • Heavy rains
  • Poor drainage
  • Lack of French Drains
  • No Weep holes
  • Over-watering flowerbeds close to the seawall
  • Walkways, patios or driveways that slope toward the seawall

How to Prevent erosion in Palm Beach & Broward County

For erosion control take these preventative measures:

  1. Add weepholes to control the flow of water away from the seawall.
  2. Add french drains e that are behind the seawall.
  3. Inspect your seawall signs for signs of damage, Invest in seawall repair and waterproofing to prevent further damage.
  4. Get estimates from our experts.
  5. Monitor seawall during heavy rain periods.

If you have erosion around your seawall, don’t wait. Seawall issues can plague older seawalls, as well as new seawalls.

Five Dredge and Marine can repair seawall damage by installing the latest erosion methods.

  • Displace standing water
  • Fill Voids
  • Fill Cracks
  • Regenerate A Water Tight Barrier

For HOA’s and home owners, a seawall is designed to protect the property against water erosion. But when it erodes due to king tides,storms and tidal fluctuations, seawall maintenance needs to be repaired to prevent further damage. Five Dredge and Marine erosion repair involves injecting AP Fill 700 (Alchemy Spetec) into the soil to fill voids and stop your seawall from failure!


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