Erosion & Sediment Control

Erosion and Sediment Control programs help prevent destruction of property and natural resources caused by soil erosion, sedimentation and nonagricultural runoff from regulated ‘land-disturbing activities.’ Erosion caused by excessive water runoff is one of the most severe types of erosion in developing areas.

ESC regulations specify the ‘minimum standards’ that must be followed on all regulated activities including: criteria, techniques and policies. State law explains the rights and responsibilities of local and state governments to administer erosion and sediment control programs, as well as those of property owners who
must comply with them.

A network of local government programs regulate most private projects involving a land-disturbing activity, while DEQ oversees state and federal activities. However, property owners are ultimately responsible for erosion and sediment control plan approval and implementation. Responsibility for ensuring
compliance also extends to the developer, contractor, consultant and the public.

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For a quick and eco-friendly way to remove sediment from waterways and reclaim the shoreline, we’ve created the most innovative system on the market, Dredgesox® Erosion Control.

Using amphibious work boats, we have the ability to dredge shallow lake, pond or canal and pump sediment directly into our patented SOX system. After installation, SOX reclaims and restores shorelines by fully integrating into the existing secure shoreline. The Dredgesox® work boats shape the shore and speed up the project delivery time.

Dredgesox® is typically installed in areas where erosion is occurring next to a body of water.