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Five Dredge and Marine – Bulkheads or Seawall ?

Bulkheads or Seawall ?


A more common form of shoreline stabilization at marinas, bulkheads typically prove an economical shoreline boundary that separates the marina from the actual slips.

Engineering bulkheads to support the anticipated traffic is particularly key as a heavier category of machinery travels them. This is the same reason why bulkheads require consistent preventative maintenance via scheduled condition studies.

Five Dredge and Marine – Bulkheads  design takes into account multiple factors – and makes for an interesting exercise in taking its installation in water juxtaposed with its need for stability on land.


While the two terms tend to be interchanged, seawalls goes the “extra step” to offer protection of a shoreline from the action of the waves while also helping to ward off soil erosion. Five Dredge and Marine – Bulkheads or Seawall are in place to combat pounding surf and the ferocity of waters that result from coastal storm events.

An embankment that defends the shoreline from erosion and potential flooding a seawall is simply delaying the inevitable, but when you live at the waterfront, these are steps essential to co-exist with nature and to respect those boundaries.

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