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Five Dredge and Marine- Docks 

A dock’s size is dictated by its intended use. If large boats are used, the dock will need to be strong enough to remain stable when that craft is moored to it regardless of the weather conditions. If a dock is intended to be used only for fishing or a swimming platform, the requirements are different. It always pays to discuss the intended use with a Five Dredge and Marine – dock expert when exploring different design possibilities.

Will the Dock Be Removed During an Off Season?

In some cases, owners intend to leave the dock in permanently. In others, the dock will be removed when the weather is less than ideal or the owner will be away. Again, the design and materials used will vary for different users and if the dock will be removed.

Making Choices

Building a new dock or replacing an existing one requires more than a little thought to obtain the best results. Since there are many factors to weigh before any construction starts, don’t rush the process. Instead, take the time to research the options available before making any decisions.

Styles are Evolving

Typical dock styles that were common in the past don’t always work well today. The ways people use docks are changing, suggesting shapes, sizes, and materials used should also evolve to meet changing needs. Docks may now be used as gathering places much like decks and patios. That means the size and shape of the dock must conform to the new use requirements.

New Dock

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