Five Dredge and Marine newest partnership with Jet Filter Systems the weephole specialist
Weep Holes

Five Dredge and Marine is proud to announce our newest partnership with Jet Filter System ,  the leader in de-watering solutions, hydro-static pressure solution  and erosion control.

Natural erosion can be controlled or prevented with the use of a proper weep-hole drain. Water pressure is released without taking the valuable soil into the bay or canal further preventing erosion. The Jet Filter flush mount system can be easily installed and maintained from the waterside of a new or existing seawall.

The purpose of weep-holes is to relieve hydro-static pressure from behind the wall. Properly maintained, the seawall should last a lifetime without major repairs. The patent pending Jet Filters relieves hydro-static pressure on almost any wall design.

“We are extremely happy to have a partnership with David Gentry and the team at Jet Filter Systems. David with out a doubt is the most passionate and well versed minds in the seawall-marine and erosion control industry period! ” said Jeff Laster partner at Five Dredge and Marine

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