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 Five Dredge and Marine Void Filling & Soil Stabilization


Soil Stabilization  Void Filling

Soil stabilization solutions  void filling.

This serves two purposes:

• to increase the strength and cohesion of granular soils, increasing its load-bearing capacity
• to decrease the permeability of the soil

Void Filling

Erosion, settling soils and decaying material can result in voids around or underneath structures, undermining their integrity and potentially leading to damaged structures.

Five Dredge and Marine & Alchemy Spetec’s  line of products can quickly and cost-effectively fill voids. A tech uses a two-component pump to inject these structural polyurethane resins. The AP Fill 700 will flow into the voids and cavities and fill them by expanding up to 30 times.

The rigid foam comes in contact between the seawall and the dirt or fill. The structural foam is strong enough to support all the heavy  loads within 5 minutes.


Five Dredge and Marine can fix you void and soil stabilization needs.

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