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How Much Does a Boat Lift Cost?

How Much Does a Boat Lift Cost?

Typically, the price for a boat lift ranges from $2000 to $20000. Think of your boat lift cost as about $1500 per ton being lifted. 

Your boat lift cost will depend on the size of your boat, the type of lift that you would like, the brand of the lift you want, and where the lift is purchased. Below, the price range you can expect for different types of boat lifts:

Price range of different types of boat lifts

Cantilever boat lifts run between $1600 and $3500.

Vertical boat lifts are usually between $6000 and $20000, with consideration to the lift itself and add on features. As an example, adding a power option would increase the cost.

Hydraulic boat lifts range between $2000 and $12000, and this cost also depends on what add-on features you would like your lift to include.

Elevator lifts If you have a larger boat, an elevator lift may be required and range from 1500 to 10000+ pounds, and prices range from $8000 to $20000 or more.

If you have a specific style of boat, like a pontoon boat, a specialized lift is required, A pontoon boat lift cost can be as much as $17000!


What different boat lifts are used for

Let’s take a look at the different types of lifts, and what they are generally used for.

  • Cantilever: This type of lift is supported solely by the frame, and has very few moving parts. The lift is typically made out of aluminum that is resistant to corrosion. This lift is the cheapest version available and is the easiest to move around.
  • Vertical: This type of lift is lightweight and usually powered by electricity. It is easy to control and be moved easily if needed. It can cold between 1000 and 10000 pounds.
  • Hydraulic: This type of lift is made of marine-grade aluminum and is strong enough to hold weights up to 10000 pounds. Medium to large boats is usually lifted with this version of lift.
  • Elevator: This type of lift has adhered to the side of a seawall or dock. It can be made with steel or aluminum and can lift up to 16000 pounds. 

Additional Costs for Boat Lifts

There are also additional costs to consider when purchasing a boat lift. Some lift companies offer packages that include the installation of the equipment, but most do not.

You may have to hire a construction company with a specialty in marine items to get the job done, and your boat out of the water!

Installation costs vary depending on the lift you chose and where the boat lift is going to be installed. You may also want to invest in a railway to bring the boat onto the shore or into your boathouse.

Railways can add thousands of dollars to your boat lift investment. Carpeted bunks, motor stops, or pontoon accessories can also be added to accessorize your boat lift. 

Just like the boat itself, the boat lift requires maintenance to stay in good working order. Regular maintenance will help extend a boat lift’s life. General maintenance consists of checking all of the bolts, runners, nuts, and other parts of the lift are working properly.

Checking these items will help prevent costly repair costs down the line, along with lubricating the gears, cables, and all other mobile parts.

Professional marine water construction contractors are available to maintain your boat lift, as well as to complete the installation shall you have the need. Happy sailing!