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How Much Does it Cost to Lift a Concrete Slab?

How Much Does it Cost to Lift a Concrete Slab?


The price of leveling a concrete slab depends on multiple factors, so the cost will vary by job. Using polyurethane foam to level the uneven concrete is a cost-effective solution. It is roughly half the cost of replacing the whole thing!

To give you a better idea of how much it will cost for your project, consider the following examples:

  • Patio: Patios tend to settle as the years go by, especially along the foundation of the home. In turn, water is pushed toward the foundation, so it is important to fix this issue when you see it. To raise three 8×8 sections of concrete on a patio by 2 inches, it would cost roughly $1000.
  • Walkway: Over time, walkways tend to settle. This can make it unsafe for those heading to your front door. Raising up to four sections of the walkway by 3 inches would typically cost around $700.
  • Driveway: Due to regular wear and tear, concrete driveways settle. To raise two 10×10 concrete driveway slabs by 2 inches, it would cost around $700

The above are listed strictly for reference purposes, and your particular job may cost more or less. This depends on the location, difficulty, time of year, and the amount of work needed to remedy your situation. The main factors that will affect your estimate are the size of the concrete slab and how many inches it needs to be lifted. There are no fixed costs per job, as each will vary drastically.

It is important to note that most reputable concrete lifting companies will have a minimum cost, in order for it to be cost-effective for them to take the job. Travel time, set-up, and clean-up are all factored into the price. If you have a few small jobs to complete, consider doing the mall at the same time; you may make out better price-wise if you have the jobs completed in bulk.

Prices may vary from company to company, so get multiple quotes! When acquiring your estimates, consider the following:

  • Warranty: Low quotes are very tempting, but it is important to dive a little deeper into the company, and whether or not they stand behind their work. Go with a company that isn’t necessarily the cheapest, but the one with the longest warranty on the work that they complete. It isn’t worth it to save money now, just to need the same work done a year or two later. Make sure your investment will be long-lasting.
  • Materials: Your concrete company should include what kind of materials they will be injected into the concrete within their quote. Make sure that the solution they will use is clearly listed, and do not go with a company that is vague when it comes to their choice of products used. If the company uses sand, limestone, or cement, the cost may be less, but the repair will not last as long as a job complete with polyurethane that has been specifically designed for concrete lifting. 
  • Joint and Crack Repair: Make sure this is part of the quote. You may have to ask for it specifically, but repairing the joints and cracks before lifting the concrete slabs will make the work completed last longer, and will prevent the concrete from further settling.
  • Overages: Make sure the quote received includes overage fees, if applicable. If a job requires more polyurethane than anticipated, the company may charge you for the additional product used. If this is the case, make sure it is in the estimate/contract.

You get what you pay for when it comes to lifting concrete slabs. Go over all estimates, and be a bit wary if one comes in much lower than the others. Look into the company, and make sure that they are insured to do the work at hand. With the right contractor by your side, you can rest assured that the job will be done right and will last for years to come.