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How to save a Piling from Marine Life

Wrapping Pilings 

Unprotected wood piling in the water can and will be attacked from marine life. Once a marine life has infiltrated an unprotected piling it’s only a matter of time before the entire structure will become weaken and collapse. 

The distinctive marine life are so few in numbers that they will be tread the pilings not just in the tide zone. We have seen the damage of worms and marine life in every depth and right at the sand line. This damage can only be seen by divers and swimmers. 

The one shield tide zone wrap what’s offer from “pile wrappers” or dock builders does not protect your pilings and investment. Or even extend the life of the pilings. 

Five Dredge and Marine will give you a full protection and multi layer wrap. Five Dredge and Marine  will wrap your pilings all the way down into the mud or sand line. This is very important to seal out the oxygen and water what this nasty animals need. We provide the best protection for your pilings.

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