Hurricanes are coming   Seawall check list?
Hurricane Damaged Seawall

Five Dredge and Marine Seawall Hurricane Check list:

Check your seawall

When you live on the water, your seawall is an essential line of defense between the water and your home. If your seawall is damaged in any way, it could mean very bad news for your home and property when a storm comes. Here is a seawall check list for Hurricane .

Have your seawall inspected for erosion and cracks

If you notice any cracking, shifting or leaning of the seawall, bowing, or erosion of the ground around the seawall, it is best to get it inspected by a professional. There are certain types of cracks which are just cosmetic, however many times they are more severe and can affect the structural integrity of the wall and the seawall will require repair or complete replacement.

Shifting,twisting, leaning, and bowing are also cause for concern, as the seawall is likely damaged and not functioning properly.

Have your dock inspected for integrity

Your dock is an important part of keeping your boat safe during a hurricane. If it is old or in bad condition, it may not be able to withstand the high winds and rough water it will be exposed to. It is a good idea to have your dock inspected by a professional to make sure it is in good condition and will not damage your boat, house, or surrounding structures.

Make sure your boat is stored properly

To prevent or minimize damage to your boat, you must make sure it is stored properly. Taking it to storage, if you have that option available, will be the safest option as it will be protected from rough water and storm surge.

If storing your boat somewhere is not an option, make sure that your boat is stored at the proper height on your lift . Raise the boat as high as your lift allows and tie it as tightly as you can to the lift. Remove the boat plugs so the water can drain out of it in heavy rains.

If the boat lift does not go high enough to be above storm surge levels, install swing stoppers to anchor points in case the surge lifts the boat higher than the lift.

Contact Five Dredge and Marine to inspect your seawall for hurricane damage.

 Hurricanes are coming   Seawall check list?
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