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King Tides South Florida-Five Dredge and Marine

King Tides South Florida Five Dredge and Marine

While the term ‘king tide’ isn’t a scientific term, it is used to describe an especially high tide event occurring twice a year, when there is alignment of the gravitational pull between sun and moon.

When king tides occur during cyclones, floods or storms, water levels can rise to higher levels and have the potential to cause great damage to property and the coastline.

The king tides are no more than the very highest tides that occur at each place. They:

  • occur naturally and regularly
  • are predictable  and expected
  • are not an every day occurrence.

Sea level rise, climate change and king tides King Tides South Florida low seawalls,

To avoid confusion, it’s important to know that king tides aren’t part of climate change; they are a natural part of tidal cycles but they do give us a sneak preview of what higher sea levels could look like. The actual height reached by a king tide will depend on the local weather and ocean conditions on the day.

King Tides South Florida Five Dredge and Marine expected to lead to increased flooding along the coast and inland, intrusion of salt water into the underground freshwater supply, decrease in property values and an increase in insurance costs, the multi county compact says.

While King Tides are one of the factors that cause seawall failure there is hope ?

Proper maintenance!

Five Dredge and Marine Weep Holes. Natural erosion can be controlled or prevented with the use of a proper weep-hole drain. Water pressure is released without taking the valuable soil into the bay or canal further preventing erosion.  The Jet Filter flush mount system can be easily installed and maintained from the waterside of a new or existing seawall.