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Many Benefits of Owning a Boat Lift

The Many Benefits of Owning a Boat Lift

Just think about the convenience of launching your boat directly from its slip. Faster access to the water means more time to play. You never have to hitch the trailer and take it to storage as part of your  Plus, year-round storage at your home will save money over time.

Having a boat lift means you never have to haul your boat back and forth from the launch ramp to the storage facility. Not only does this save on fuel driving your boat to the ramp, but also fuel driving your vehicle to the marina.

A lot of things can damage a boat in water a boat lift will save you on: Marine growth and algae, electrolysis in saltwater conditions and even the dock itself can be knocked around in high winds or wakes.

If your boat is up on a lift, you never have to worry about broken lines or loosened ropes inside the boat’s slip causing it to become banged up. In saltwater conditions, it also means your hull will need less frequent anti-fouling coats.

Boat lifts come in manual and electric models. Electric-operated boat lifts are much more convenient but require a power source to the dock, which may not be permitted.

On the other hand, manual boat lifts are more affordable. Their spinner wheels may not be as effortless to operate as an electric winch, but in cases where you can’t run electricity to docks, it’s still a viable option

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