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Seawall Maintenance and repairs Five Dredge & Marine

Lack of Maintenance

There are a many ways that a home owner can do to extend the life of a seawall
and postpone the expense of major repairs or replacement.

One of  best way to extend a seawalls life is to start with a properly engineered and installed seawall. Subsequent problems
will be reduced if the original design and construction is properly done.

Here are some of the steps to extend the life of a Seawall.

1.  Seal your T-Piles. The lease obvious but most important maintenance.
2.   Install pilings or supplemental tie-back rods around the perimeter of the seawall. These
will contain sagging and maintain alignment of the slabs or panels.
3.   Encourage your neighbors to properly maintain their seawalls. A sagging seawall adjacent
to yours may cause you some damage.
4.   Avoid the placement of large trees adjacent to seawalls, and avoid the use of heavy
equipment traveling along seawall perimeter so as to reduce pressure on the seawall.
5.  Adjust sprinkler heads in the vicinity of seawalls to minimize water application behind the
wall. Try to redirect drainage from yard and roof so that it does not flow directly into French
Drains or pond behind the seawall structure.
6.  Avoid continual use of davits installed adjacent to a seawall for hoisting heavy boats as
this will also create additional pressure behind seawalls.

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