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Seawall Repair Five Dredge and Marine

Seawalls are the demarcation between the water and your property. They are subjected to changing tides and in some areas, salt water — this powerful combination is the source of erosion. It is therefore not a matter of “if” but “when” in regard to their integrity.

Seawalls are structures that offer protection. When it comes to seawall inspections, a great deal of knowledge goes into the performance of an effective one.

Cap Breakdown

Cracking or breaking away of the cap can be caused by corrosion, or panel movement. The breakdown impacts the cap’s ability to keep the panels aligned, and generally results in panels that sag, or are crooked.

Seawall Repair

Many times, seawall failings can be repaired before they become major issues. Waterfront property owners should be vigilant in checking for cracks, and any voids, or sinkholes that should be filled. If seawalls have severe waterline cracks, the panels should be replaced before they completely break. Caps can often be repaired by patching, which is performed during routine seawall maintenance checks. Five Dredge and Marine recommends keeping a log of maintenance.

Five Dredge and Marine recommend inspections four times a year and by a professional who is licensed, insured, and knowledgeable. Trusting your seawall to your own expertise or someone who does not meet these criteria will result in issues that could have easily been avoided. These are the inspections that keep seawall repair/replacement costs down and maintain the safety of your family and your property.


Seawall Repair

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