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Seawall Repair and Stabilization by Five Dredge & Marine

New Seawall

Seawall & Retainer Wall Repair & Stabilization

Seawall Repair & Stabilization

All Seawalls take a beating; steady wave action, hydrostatic pressure from the land side, king tides, and hurricanes all work against it. Depending on what method of construction, materials used, and how much environmental pressure is placed on the seawall determine how long it lasts.

Signs you need Seawall Repairs:

Void signs. What To Look For:

Waves, water, tidal action, no venting and age can amount to quickly compounding and expensive to repair sea wall soil erosion or “Voids” below ground and behind your Seawall.

Five Dredge and Marine has the answer to new seawall construction, repair and soil stabilization. We offer an affordable and permanent, option of repairs for all types of seawall construction.


Exposure to the elements has caused the reinforcing steel in the seawall cap to corrode causing cracks. As the rebar continues to corrode, portions of the Cap will crack and break off, destabilizing the Cap, leading to failure of the Seawall.

 Five Dredge and Marine experts can inspect, Save your seawall and add a new cap so it’ll last a lifetime. Improve your property value, and protect your investment.

Seawall Cap New
Seawall Cap New


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