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Seawall Repairs and Voids- Five Dredge and Marine Repair

Seawall Repairs and Voids

A home owner can fill voids with sand,dirt or rock aggregate. This is the a bad idea and won’t remove the reason there is erosion or settlement in the first place. Seawall Repairs and Voids can be fixed!

A home owner could replace the wall. This is a huge construction project that is disruptive to the home owner. An environmentally sensitive area could mean an extensive permitting process, delaying months. Depending on the location, you could be looking at needing to use a barge or crane to do the construction.

There are absolutely times when replacement is the best or only option. That is often not the case though with Seawall Repairs and Voids with Five Dredge and Marines Soil Stabilization method.

Extreme soil Erosion

How about this option:

  • seal the failing joints in a wall
  • stabilize loose, saturated soil
  • fill voids behind the wall without adding huge weight to a weak substrate
  • create a watertight barrier behind and under a wall, all without excavation?

And what if you could do all of that with material so called  “Green” that it is certified for contact with drinking water?

You can do all those things with Five Dredge and Marine’s polyurethane injection resins from Alchemy Spetec  For 25 years, they have been used to stabilize soil, seal leaks, and repair concrete.

If a homeowner has to install a new seawall wall, or are installing tiebacks or some other stabilization method, Five Dredge and Marine is the perfect complement to these solutions. You have repaired the wall, but voids remain behind it.


Five Dredge and Marine’s AP Fill 700 is a option for filling those voids.