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Seawalls Repair Palm Beach and Broward County

Seawalls are everywhere. Five Dredge and Marine

If you live in a HOA, townhouse community or inter-coastal waterway, or lake, you most likely have one.

No HOA wants to think about increasing the monthly maintenance fees to cover those costs. What shape is your seawall in? As federal and state funding for beach re-nourishment dries up, you’d better have a look at your seawall. Seawall contractors know this, and are gearing up for a bull market in seawall repairs coming soon to a shoreline near you.

Most HOA’s are lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to seawalls, especially along the beach. Federal and state tax dollars have paid to rebuild beaches many times over the past 20 years so they are protected from hurricanes.

However, all it will take is a couple of no-name storms or one big storm to erode most if not all of that beautiful new beach sand back into the sea. Then, the only thing standing between the destruction of your buildings is your seawall.

When the seawall fails, the ground is washed out to sea, causing at least the ground and first floor of the structure to collapse. Other candidates for destruction include your swimming pool, railings, fences, light poles, landscaping, driveways, parking lots, security houses, maintenance rooms, irrigation systems, domestic and reclaimed water pipes, utilities, storm water pipes and drains, and many other community-specific surface and ground floor elements.

First you have to understand what causes the problems, so you can do something about it. Salt is the catalyst the steel needs to start corroding, rusting, expanding, and cracking the concrete, resulting in a “spall.”

As anyone who lives along salt water knows, salt gets into the concrete and causes major repairs to the walkways, balconies, and parking garages. Seawalls are no different than any other form of exposed concrete.

The longer you leave these problems unattended to, the more you have decreased your seawall’s life expectancy, and the more it will cost you when you finally do get around to doing something about it.

It is also true that, when it comes to seawall repairs, nothing is cheap and nothing happens quickly. 

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