Soil Stabilization & Slab lifting

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Soil Stabilization - Erosion

      Unstable, eroded, or loose soil around seawalls can result in settlement and damage to the structure. Voids can be filled, seawalls remediated, soil consolidated, and water migration halted by permeating the soil and damaged seawalls with one of the AP Soil series products of ultra-low viscosity polyurethane resins.

Once the bearing capacity of the soil has been increased with this process, then the structure can be lifted if necessary. Five Dredge & Marine along with Alchemy Spetec are helping customers find a solution to their erosion issues.

All of these things can be done with AP Fill 700 from Alchemy Spetec. Alchemy Spetec products have been used to stabilize soil, seal leaks, and repair concrete 

Fill Voids Behind Concrete Structures

Polyurethane Resin & Expanding Foam Solutions:

You now have access to the most POWERFUL POLYMERS and PAINLESS PROCEDURES you need to
achieve the RAPID RESULTS your projects demand! Alchemy-Spetec manufactures polyurethane
for concrete repair projects, including polyurethane resin and expanding polyurethane foam.

Five Dredge & Marine uses a line of polyurethane resin and polyurethane foam products to:

Seal Active Water Leaks | Stabilize and Consolidate Soil | Lift Concrete Slabs

This precise market focus allows us to concentrate all of our resources and talent to bring you
the best polyurethane for concrete solutions for these critical infrastructure repair issues.


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