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Soil Stabilization what works best ?

How to choose the best Soil Stabilization for your project:


Lime Soil Stabilization

Lime is ideal for stabilizing clay soils. In Fact , you can use it as the only agent and get perfect results. When lime is blended with any type of soil, it helps in cutting back on its plasticity. This means that it can’t swell and can’t shrink. Such soil absorbs very little amount of ground water because there is no space between the particles.

Bitumen Soil Stabilization

During the construction of driveways and parking yards, the soil can be mixed with bitumen compounds. The bitumen is sticky by nature and it therefore helps in holding the soil particles together. The structure of bitumen creates a strong layer above the soil that prevents ground water from being absorbed.

Chemical Soil Stabilization

This method involves adding chemicals into the soil. These chemical react with the soil which in return causes its structure to be changed. The chemicals seal the space between particles, leaving no room for water to penetrate through. Among the most common chemicals that are used for soil stabilization include sodium chloride, calcium chloride and sodium silicate

Other Methods

You can also stabilize your soil using electricity. The process is known as electro-osmosis and is highly recommended for clay soils. However, the method will give you a run for your money because it’s very pricey. You can also use bags filled with dirt material but this is not recommended.