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Five Dredge & Marine and SOX Erosion Solution:


SOXFENCE™ is the next generation of protective project fencing that reduces water encroachment, retains sediments, and serves as a containment barrier. Installers need fewer stakes and can be flexible with the fence path. Plus, no more trenching.


SOXFENCE™ was specifically designed to mitigate silt/sediment for perimeter control with in-water works applications.

It creates a safe and healthy environment for wildlife and aquatic habitats. Soxfence™ is made from a reinforced heavy-duty polyethylene material that will NOT leachate into waterways. The SOXFENCE’s knitted construction will not unravel if torn, unlike traditional silt fence products.

Benefits of SOXFENCE™ :

  • Superior alternative to MTO/OPSD Wire Back Silt Fence
  • Safe for wildlife, fish and other aquatic habitats
  • Heavy duty fabrication allows for multiple uses
  • Patented anchoring system creates positive contact to soil without digging
  • Saves on installation costs vs traditional methods
  • Can be used for in-water work & perimeter control


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