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The Worst Flooding Areas in Florida

The Worst Flooding Areas in Florida

In times of flooding, city planners in Florida have a little problem in figuring out where the worst flooding areas are, and that is where the most expensive repairs will be done. They are not sure, but they are looking at dredging and dewatering, and another option might be to fix a seawall around the area.

Coastal and low-lying areas have the highest population density. So, even though flooding might be more commonplace, it doesn’t mean you will be home. The city has made the decision to fix the damage that will come from floods.

The Effects of Saltwater Flooding

A city’s seawall repair is not an easy job to do. The saltwater drains through the gravel.

The saltwater builds up on the bottom of the wall until it reaches the top. It creates a layer of ice, with the bottom layer being ice water. Ice builds up and freezes until the water level reaches the top of the wall.

Water is the most important part of any wall. It keeps the material from sinking. If the water is allowed to flow out of the middle of the wall, it is not going to be able to support anything.

There are tools that can be used for wall repair, but there are also individuals who are trained and capable to do the job. They use heavy machinery to cut away the ice and gravel and pry the debris loose from the wall. It takes someone with certain knowledge and skills to do the work right.

Dredging and dewatering are used to clear the way for the excavators that are going to dig and pump the saltwater out of the wall. There are heavy-duty haulers that will pick up the debris and haul it away. Some haulers have a special section for the extra-large dredged materials.

When it comes to dredging and dewatering for wall repair, the city of Sarasota has taken a different approach than some other cities. They aren’t looking to salvage what they can get. They are trying to keep the city’s insurance premiums down because they are not fixing the damage as quickly as the flood itself.

For seawall repair, some cities will let a Marine Engineer or a third party removes the debris. In Sarasota, they cannot afford to waste the time and money on that.

Dewatering and Digging are what will cause the most damage. It will cause the saltwater to push the concrete out of the excavated area.

Therefore, it is important to save all the cost for seawall repair, in order to maintain a healthy level of insurance. Even though it is very expensive, the way they are doing it will increase the costs of the city.

Overall, it appears that seawall repair and dredging will be a popular option. Although they would like to keep all the money and save, the city can’t afford to take that risk.