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Vinyl Seawall Installation & Repair



Understandably, the homeowners were not interested in another wood seawall that would quickly rot and fail again. Instead, the owners decided to go with a vinyl seawall installation as an affordable, long-term solution. A vinyl seawall is UV resistant, unaffected by marine boring animals, and comes with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty.



Plus, despite being extremely strong and durable, vinyl sheet piling is lightweight and easy to install. That means lower shipping and installation costs that make vinyl seawalls a competitively priced and intelligent option.

Benefits of Vinyl Seawall Installation

The existing wooden wall was two-tiered and required a staircase in order to gain access to the dock. That meant that literally thousands of square feet of the backyard were underutilized. This is because all this real estate was at a lower level, disconnected from the home’s primary outdoor space.

Fortunately, ESP vinyl walls can be made high enough and are strong enough to hold back significant backfill. This meant that the backyard could be leveled off into one contiguous space, representing a dramatic improvement to the backyard.

We look forward to pictures of our friends in South Florida enjoying their new backyard while sipping some cold drinks, all the while taking comfort in the knowledge that their home is protected by an ESP vinyl seawall for decades to come.

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