Waterfront General Contracting

Full Service State Certified General Contractor

Excavation, Grading & Site Work

Once your new seawall is in place we can then work with your builder to grade the build site, and establish elevations by tucking in fill or hauling spoil away. If there is a pool to dig we have the experience and capability to excavate a seaside pool and install the supporting pile installation.  

Foundations, Masonry Walls & Finishing

If your seaside project requires waterfront foundations, masonry walls and finishing, Five Dredge & Marine can provide the turnkey solution for your project. There are specific processes and materials to consider when building next to a body of water let our team at Five Dredge and Marine make your project a success.

Fencing, Railing, Gates, & Entries

Often times marinas, boat launches, and other public waterfront projects require the need for safety and security measures such as fencing, railing, gates and keyed entries. Five Dredge & Marine can coordinate the fabrication and installation of these safety and security measures for your project to meet your specific needs.

Electrical & Water Service

Five Dredge & Marine can coordinate electrical and water service to your waterfront project. We commonly install dock ambiance lighting, task lighting, path lighting, shore power systems, outlets and ensure there is freshwater service to support your water service needs 


Helical Piles, Pin Piles, Pool Piles

If you need foundational piles installed such as helical piles, pin piles, or pilings to support a pool, Five Dredge & Marine can complete this work while mobilized on your waterfront project.

Pavers, Sidewalks & Drives

Once your site has been graded and cleaned up, Five Dredge & Marine can install a paver or travertine deck to meet your project’s aesthetics and finishing touches. We also can help provide access to your new project by forming and pouring sidewalks, concrete slabs, and driveways.

Structures, Gazebos, & Heavy Timber

If your municipality project calls for a waterside structure Five Dredge & Marine has the experience and capability to design and build it whether it is a shaded pergola sitting area, gathering gazebo, or any covered structure. 

Site Restoration, Landscaping & Irrigation

After an invasive waterfront project Five Dredge & Marine can coordinate the restoration efforts to include new landscaping, and restore or add irrigation service to the job site. We also can assist in the delivery and transplanting of large trees to your waterfront project.


Five Dredge & Marine will expertly manage all required due diligence, agency correspondence, and inspections that go along with proper permitting. Our permitting department has a solid working relationship with all the necessary permitting agencies. We also ensure all work is in accordance with the stringent building and zoning codes for waterfront construction.

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